Second chance for a horse in need

October 2, 2019

Frightened, starving and near death, Harlem was just one of 57 horses that arrived at the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center on February 21, 2019, after suffering from extreme neglect. These horses, discovered without food or water in feet of heavy snow, were near starvation when they were rescued by Colorado Humane Society, a program of the League. (Read more about these horses here). Harlem was one of these 57 horses who were hoping for a second chance at a new life.

Harlem arrived at the Harmony Equine Center, at just 6-months old, weighing only 537 pounds, hip bones protruding and his ribs visible through his heavy winter coat. The future was uncertain for Harlem. A veterinarian evaluated the fragile colt, and the slow process of bringing him back to health began. In addition to his physical injuries, Harlem was frightened and unsure of the people who were working to save his life. Harmony professional trainers gently worked with him, helping him build confidence and allowing him to trust people again. Four months later, 200 pounds gained and thriving in the Harmony training program, Harlem was a completely different horse than when he arrived that cold February day. With his smart and willing personality shining and at a healthy 764 pounds, he was ready to be adopted.

Harlem wasn’t forgotten by the veterinarian that initially examined him. She was struck by the young horse’s fight to survive and encouraged by the progress he made, and on June 27, just over four months after Harlem arrived at Harmony, that veterinarian adopted the young horse. Harlem, now named Tricycle, spends his days continuing his training and integrating into his new herd on the 30-acre land he now calls home. His adopter, Stacy, reports that Harlem is doing great. He is enjoying spending time with the older horses on the property, learning how to be a horse from his new equine companions and is always willing to make the trip to the barn for a tasty treat.

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