Justice for neglected animals

October 16, 2019

March 27, 2018 was the first day of new lives for 11 horses and several other animals. After receiving complaints from neighboring properties, the Dumb Friends League Colorado Humane Society, with support from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, discovered dire living conditions. Starving, emaciated, and near-death without access to food or water, the animals were removed from the property, and the 11 horses were taken to the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center where they received the compassionate care necessary to save their lives.

Garret Leonard, director of the Harmony Equine Center, testified for a staggering four hours at the trial on behalf of these horses. Leonard noted their poor body conditions, presenting heart-wrenching before and after photos, weight gain reports, hoof conditions, and veterinary reports as evidence that the horses likely would not have survived without intervention. On Thursday, October 10, a verdict was reached. Thanks to Leonard’s testimony and collaboration with other agencies, property owner Stacy Lambert was found guilty of animal cruelty and will be sentenced in January 2020. Read more about this case here.

You can help homeless, abandoned and neglected horses by donating to the Harmony Equine Center. Your gift will help provide nutritious food, gentle training, and compassionate care for horses in need. Learn more about supporting Harmony and about horses currently available for adoption by visiting harmonyequinecenter.org.