Have you heard about Trigger?

February 13, 2020

Warning: This video contains disturbing scenes of animal cruelty and may not be suitable for certain audiences.

There was no way Trigger knew what he was about to endure as his owners tied one end of a rope to his halter and the other to the hitch of a pickup truck. The truck started, the 12-year-old dappled palomino’s owners began to drive, and the rope tightened. Trigger struggled while being dragged, his hooves losing their grip on the snow-covered road as he desperately tried to resist the accelerating truck.

The horrendous ordeal lasted the length of a football field.

Trigger’s suffering was captured on video and shared on social media and by news outlets across the country.

People were outraged watching Trigger’s nightmare unfold—and then, like us, felt relief when he was seized by the Grand County Sheriff’s Office and brought to the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center for medical care, rehabilitation and love.

Veterinarians evaluated Trigger on three separate occasions, including X-rays of his neck, withers, spine and legs, he has received multiple chiropractic adjustments, been dewormed, vaccinated and his teeth have been floated.

Recently, Trigger began the Harmony training program but at a slower pace to make sure every experience is positive due to the nature of how horrendous his last encounter was when he was saddled.

Trigger’s kind and even-tempered spirit prevailed that November day. His courage is both inspiring and heartwarming, given everything he endured.

It costs more than $3,000 per horse to rehabilitate, train and adopt them to responsible owners who will provide second chances for better lives. Anyone wishing to support Trigger and other horses like him, can make a donation to the Harmony Equine Center. Thanks to the Aloha Fund, gifts can be matched up to $10,000.