Colorado Horse Rescue Network’s Start A Colt Challenge

October 25, 2019

Twenty-three horses from the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center are participating in the Colorado Horse Rescue Network’s Colt Starting Challenge. The horses, all under three years old, were paired with youth, novice and pro trainers. The challenge is a 45-day training competition in which the trainers will compete to see who can get their horse furthest along in training. Because the horses are too young or too small to be ridden, trainers will work with them on obstacles, teaching them how to lead and pick up their feet, all to help prepare them for eventually becoming riding horses. At the end of the challenge, trainers will have the opportunity to adopt the horses or help them find homes.

These 23 horses first arrived at the Harmony Equine Center from abuse and neglect situations—often starving and ill—but this challenge brings the unique opportunity to see these horses after they’ve recovered medically and are now beginning their training journeys.

Horses like Finch, who arrived at the Harmony Equine Center after suffering neglect and abuse at the hands of his owner. Finch was underweight and frightened. Thanks to the gentle care he received at the Harmony Equine Center, Finch has learned to trust again and is ready to start this challenge with his trainer McKenna. On first meeting Finch, McKenna noted that he was “already super lovey and trying to get kisses.” McKenna has experience in training horses but has not competed in a competition like this before. She is excited to work with Finch and see how he progresses. Stay tuned for updates on the 23 horses that are participating in this challenge.

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