Woman sentenced after CHS assists with removing seized animals

March 20, 2018

Nearly two years ago, Department of Agriculture investigators searched a ranch offering Great Dane puppies for sale–and found conditions that, in the end, required The Colorado Humane Society & SPCA (CHS) to “don protective suits and rescue the animals.”

Today, Connie Caswell was sentenced to jail time, fines and probation after a jury convicted her of 43 counts of animal cruelty.

The felony counts came after Caswell was convicted of previous animal cruelty in 2006.

When the ranch was investigated by state officials, they found 44 dogs living in deplorable conditions. Cages were filled with trash and animal waste, and basic healthcare wasn’t being given to animals in need.

When the Caswells refused help, there was no other option but to seize the dogs, birds and other animals on the property.

After the animals were rescued, many of the dogs were brought to the Dumb Friends League for care and to find their forever homes.

The rescues included puppies like Lilo, adopted by Hannah S. last May, who now has a loving, safe and healthy home.

According to CBS reporting, Hannah said, “Lilo is spoiled. She gets everything she could dream of.”

CHS could never find all the pets in need without your help. If you know of any animals that may be neglected, abused or subjected to cruelty, please let us know as soon as possible.