A home for Nina in the Cowboy State

June 8, 2020

The Colorado Humane Society (CHS) works to prevent and investigate animal neglect and mistreatment and promote animal welfare throughout Colorado, and, together with the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center, the two organizations made an impact beyond the state’s borders … all the way to Wyoming.

The Harmony Equine Center is a private rehabilitation and adoption facility for horses, ponies, donkeys and mules that have been removed from owners’ care by law enforcement authorities. It was a law enforcement case that brought Nina to Harmony when the sweet horse was impounded from an owner who was not caring for her properly.

During Nina’s intake at Harmony, we learned she weighed only 513 pounds. Nina followed a veterinarian-approved treatment plan to help her gain weight and regain her health. As with all horses in their care, the Harmony team worked with Nina on training and rehabilitation to prepare her for adoption to responsible new owners.

After a few months at Harmony, Nina gained 344 pounds, and she found a new home . . . in Chugwater, Wyoming.

As part of Harmony’s thorough adoption process, before a horse can go to their forever home, a CHS investigator performs a pre-adoption inspection of the property to see where the horse is going to live. “The purpose of the inspection is to make sure the property is a good environment for the horse to live in,” said Brett Boeh, CHS animal welfare investigator. “We look at the other animals on the property, housing, fencing, food storage, water supply, as well as potential hazards. We also answer any questions the adopter might have while performing the inspection.”

It’s true that most horses adopted from Harmony have owners who live relatively close to the facility, and inspections crossing state lines are rare. Nina’s adopter had property in Colorado, but his primary residence was in Chugwater. Once he met Nina and the adoption was approved, pending a site inspection, Boeh made the trek to Wyoming, which took two and a half hours to get there, but more than five hours to return (and if you’re familiar with Colorado’s ever-changing weather, you know why).

“The property was in a beautiful location a few miles out of Chugwater,” said Boeh. “There were five other horses on the property, automatic waterers, plenty of hay and more than 260 acres for Nina to explore. I think Nina will be very happy there.”

Boeh, just like the entire CHS team, is committed to protecting animals throughout Colorado and beyond. Boeh joked, “It was the furthest I have gone to do an inspection–although I am open to doing one further away. Hawaii comes to mind.” Now, that’s dedication!
Learn more about CHS at coloradohumane.org and the Harmony Equine Center at harmonyequinecenter.org.