Gov. Hickenlooper signs bill to improve lives of abused animals

Apr 17th, 2012

DENVER – On Thurs., April 12, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into law House Bill 1125. This new bill–supported by the Colorado Federation of Animal Welfare Agencies and Dumb Friends League–is a historic milestone for Colorado’s abused animals. It will minimize stress on seized animals by getting them into adoptive homes faster and streamline the impound process while reducing expenses for cities, counties and humane societies.

“This bill will have a positive impact on the welfare of all animals in Colorado,” says Duane Adams, associate director, the Colorado Humane Society & SPCA. “It ensures a fair review of costs to owners and added due process for defendants, as well as expedited procedures to prevent animals from sitting in legal limbo for months at the expense of animal care and control agencies.”

The Colorado Senate passed HB-1125 on March 20 by a unanimous and bipartisan vote of 34-0. The House of Representatives concurred with the bill and sent HB-1125 to Gov. Hickenlooper's desk for his signature with a vote of 60-3.

 “This bill is unique because of the amount of bipartisan support in both chambers and from both sides of the aisle,” said Emily Stone, public affairs manager at the Dumb Friends League. “It proves that when it comes to animals, the people of Colorado care about protecting them.”